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thanks nandha..ymreddy

in mrp control parameters could u plz explain me about processing keys likeNETCH,NETPL,NEUPL and other parameters in brief.....

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Control parameters:

Planning Run Tpe:

Determines whether all the materials are to be planned or only those with MRP relavant changes.

NEUPL( Regenerative Planning) :

With this key all the materials will be planned.

when you are carrying out planning run first time this key will be used.

Here the system has to deal with high loads.

NETCH(Net change Planning)

With this materials that are included in the planning run are those that have

undergone a change relavant to MRP since the last planning run.

NETPL(Net change Planning in the Planning Horizon)

With this the materials that are included in the planning run are those that have undergone a change relavant to MRP with in the planning Horizon.

Planning horizon should be atleast long enough to cover the period in which sales orders are received.It must also accomodate the delivery periods and total lead time of materials.

Planning horizon is a part of the planning area where a planing file entry exists for netchange planning in the planning horizon.

Creation Indicator:

1. Creation indicator defines whether planned orders /Purchase requisitions or schedule lines are to be created for materials that are to be procured externally.

2.Whether the system is to create MRP Lists.

Planning mode:

Determines how the system is to deal with the procurement proposals that exists from the last planning run which are not yet firmed in the next planning run.

Mode 1: The system adapts existing planning data

Mode 2: The system re explodes the BOM when there is a change to a BOM

Mode 3 : The system deletes the planning data and then creates new procurement proposals.

Scheduling Indicator:

determines how the planned orders for materials that are produced inhouse are to scheduled.

Basic scheduling or leadtime scheduling



Answers (5)

Answers (5)

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Hi Srinivas,

These processings keys known as "planning types" in MRP. If you want to plan all materials within plant then use NETPL...If you want tio restrict planning fro certain certain period then use NETPL, for this you have to define planning horizon in OPPQ transaction in cutomizating...For NETCH, you can use this if you want planning to be restricted to those parts only who undergone for some changes like change in stock, master data change then this is most suiatble.

Normally NETCH is used.



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Dear Shrinivas,

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Dear Shrinivas,

ALong with the good explanation given by Mr.Nandha for Planning run type,

There are other control parameters for MRP run, like as follows

<b>Creation indicator for procurement proposals for materials that are procured externally</b>

You can choose whether planned orders, purchase requisitions or schedule lines should be created for materials that are procured externally.

<b>Creation indicator for MRP lists</b>

You can define whether MRP lists are to be created.

<b>Planning mode</b>

You can determine how the system is to deal with procurement proposals (planned orders, purchase requisitions, scheduling agreement lines) from the last planning run, which are not yet firmed, in the next planning run.


You can choose basic date calculation or lead time scheduling.

Scheduling is of two types :

1. Basic date scheduling : This works as per the time given in the Material master in MRP Screens as - Inhouse processing time , setup time etc.

2. Lead Time scheduling : This scheduling takes place as per the time taken from the routing

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Dear Shrinivas ,

Plz check this

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Dear ,

You specify the type of planning run via the "processing key" field in the initial screen for planning. In single-item planning, you can only decide whether "net change planning" (NETCH) or "net change planning in the planning horizon" (NETPL) is executed. In total planning, you also have the option of using the key NEUPL, with which all materials in the planning file are planned.