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MRP types

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What is MRP Type? How many MRP types are there?

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Saeed Arif

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MRP type define the way of planning of material like PD which is relevent to MRP and ND which is non relevent to MRP. Like wise VV for forecaste and VM and VB we use for consumption base pllaning.

If you want consumption base planning then you have to set an MRP type for the material in the MRP Type field in the material master (View MRP 1) to Reorder point planning, for example VB or VM. But we want to use MRP procedure then we need to maintain PD.

MRP types : In the MRP types different categories are there

1) Produce to Demand

2) Consumption based planning

3) Forecast based planning

It is procedure that you set in the system on how the Material is planned

- Reorder Point

- Seasonal requirement

- Replenishment

- Forecast Based

- Master production Scheduling

SPRO --> MM --> Consumption based planning --> Master data --> Define MRP types

or you can check in material master MRP1 view by pressing F4.

Hope clear to you.