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MRP type settings

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In the MRP type settings there are 4 fields which I am not able to figure out how they are used. I have read the F1 help on these fields so please do not paste that text in the reply.

Forecast Ind

Consumption indicator forecast

MRP indicator forecast

Reduce forecast

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear ,

1.Forecast Indicator : decides wether Demand ( Forecasted demand -Individually or collectively -MP38/MM02) will be used for Net Requirement calcualtion duing excuting of MRP .Thats why some time it is optional or else obligatory .

2. Consumption indicator forecast - Consumption values are getting updated through OMJJ set up based on the movement time .Some of them are planned and also unplanned .Now it is MRP type based on this set up decides which Consumption update -Total planned or umplnaned will be used in Ecution of forcast as demand .

3. MRP indicator forecast - Moral less same as like point number One .Some time you have Sales Order Qty more than the Forecasted Qty .So in that time , Sales Qty will be used than the Forecasted Qty means over ruled.

4. Reduce forecast - Based on the consumption update periodically , when the Forecast requirement are trasfered , it will be reduces over an period

For farther clarification , take SAP Help documets and wait for experts to comment .



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Some theory:

Forecast based planning is a type of Consumption planning, but the difference is that forecasted requirements are considered during net requirements calculation. (For more refer to SAP help)

With the above in mind, the implementation requires certain parameters in place & hence the below fields play a role:

1. Forecast Ind - Specifies whether a forecast run is required to be done to ensure MRP computes requirements based on forecast requirements (Refer to MRP type VV)

2. Consumption indicator forecast - When forecasting is done by the integrated forecasting program which consumption values of tha material are considered i.e. Total or Unplanned

3. MRP indicator forecast - When calculating net requirements during MRP run, whether forecast reqmt's are considered is controlled by this field & if they are to be, then whether as a unplanned or total

4. Reduce forecast - Once the forecast requirements are transferred, it becomes essential that they are reduced by the requirements & this field determines the time window for such a reduction.

Hope the above gave some clarity. Best way to know, take a material & do testing in sandbox.