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Mrp type- p1

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Procurement proposals that move into the planning time fence are firmed automatically, What does it really mean ?? What is meant by Procurement proposals that moving into the planning time fence??? can some one explain with an example ..

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Every order prposal has some dates like Start Date & Finish date. So any order proposal date that lies within the planning time fence is firmed automatically as soon as its date lies at least one day before the finish date of the planning time fence.

Whereas the date of new order proposals that are actually created in the planning time fence are rescheduled out to the end of the planning time fence. Therefore, these new order proposals are not firmed.

Planning Time Fence: A defined period in which the system makes no automatic changes to the master plan during material requirements planning. During the planning time fence, the system does not create or change planned orders.


A material has Planning Time Fence of 15 days in a particular plant whereas we're assuming this scenario Today i.e. 24th-Jan-12. Also assume that there are only 5 Working Days in a Week for whole year-2012.

So SAP will put a Planning Time Fence end date as 14th-Feb-12 and in MD04. This line will be displayed in BLUE color.

Now any order proposal having date Less Than 13th-Feb-12 will be automatically FIRMED by system in MRP.

Hope it's clear.



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Thanks Anup,

Your answer is very clear and thanks for the example.

Now I have created a sales order for 6 days and has given planning time fence as 5 days and my MRP type is P1 , so wht the system did is It has not created any proc proporsals for the PTF period and resheduled the orders out of PTF,

I want to create a proc proposals with in the PTF , So that i can check whether those are firmed or not , But if run the MRP for the material the proc proposal will be resheduled ... so how do i achieve this ??



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I have created the manual paln order and tested..