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Can u pls explain what are the settings to be done to run the MRP and explain the master data requirements?



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Dear Soma,

1.Some of the SPRO related activities are

Carryout Overall maintenance of Plant parameters in OPPQ

Activate MRP for plant in OMDU.

Carryout overall maintenance of plant parameters in OPPQ is the first step for MRP.

For each plant we have to make this settings.

Under Environment>Number ranges->

Under this we assign the number ranges format for planned

orders,Reservations/Depde.Reqmts,Purchase requisitions,MRP Lists,Sim.depdent.Reqmts.

Under Master Data--->

1.MRP controllers,

2.Special procurement keys used like 30 for sub-contracting,40 for Stock transfer,50 for phantom's.

3.Floats which are used as scheduling margin key which is assigned in the MRP2 view of the material


Under Palnned orders-->

1.Conversion-->into production order --assign the default type of prod.order(so whenever you convert a

planned order into a prod.order the system proposes this order type).

2.Conversion-->into process order --assign the default type of process.order(so whenever you convert a

planned order into a process.order the system proposes this order type).

Under Planning run

1.BOM/routing selection ID.

2.BOM explosion

3.Sched.parameters for detailed scheduling.

4.Planning horizon

5.Error handling etc.

Instead of doing all these steps individually in OPPQ you can carryout all the settings without missing


Datas required from front end,

1.Material master - MRP type ,lot size,Scheduling margin key,safety stock,procurement type,MRP


2.relevant BOM and routing.

3.Scheduling parameters for the planned order in OPU5.

what happens while running MRP?

1.Checking the planning file entry.

2.Net Requirement calculation

3.Calculating the procurement quantity (based on,lot size)


5.Determing the procurement proposal.

6.BOM explosion and determining the dependent requirements.

7.creation of execption messages.

Also the MRP control parameters plays an vital role.



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The Concept Of MRP in SAP

MRP in brief :

MRP is the planning tool in SAP which will look at all aspects of a material and is highly based upon the master data of the material. MRP looks at current inventory, current requirements, open purchase req/orders and so on. So if a material is required to satisfy a sales order and there is no inventory, MRP will create a planned order if the item is to be produced in house. This planned order can then be converted to a production order by the master scheduler. If the item is to be procured, then MRP will create a purchase req which the Buyer will convert to a purchase order. This is just one scenario, the system is highly configurable and will do pretty much whatever you tell based on config and master data.

Consumption based planning

- Reorder planning

- Forecast based planning

- Time phased planning

Details of re-order planning

Our motive is to maintain optimum stock level of all the material included in the resource planning. so in this user or system sets a particular quantity of stock as reorder point . Whenever stock quantity fall below this point(reorder point) mrp comes into action and generates procurement proposals according to the settings done in implementation guide

MRP run procedure

1. Create requirement or demand in MD61

2. MRP run by MD02 for a single material

3. See the result in stock requirement list in MD04.

MRP run we can carry out by

1. MD02 - single item multi level

2 .MD03 - single item single level

3 .MD01 - Total planning

4. MD04 Check MRP

5. MD05 MRP lists

For PP, you require following Master Data

1. Material master (MM01)

2. BOM (CS01)

3. Routing (CA01)

4. Work Center (CR01)

5. CK11N / CK40N - Cost Estimate

Production Cycle: -

1. PIR (Planned Independent Reqmt. - MD61)

2. MD02 - MRP Run

3. MD04 - Stock Requirement List

4. CO40 - Convert Planned Orders to Production Order OR CO01 - Create Production Order

5. Here in Production Order - Schedule Order, Release order

6. MIGO / MB1A - Goods Issue against Order (Mvmt Type 261)

7. CO11N - Production Operation confirmation

8. MIGO / MB31 - GR against Prd order

9. CO02 - Technical completion of order

10. KO88 - Order Settlement