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MRP run with lot size as per prod. version and capacity levelling

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Dear PP experts,

Hi, We are working with strategy 10. For SFG and FG produced inhouse we have created BOM and recipe with production version.

For example:

I have a production version with batch size as 100 Kg.

I load PIR for 500 Kg in MD61.

I have maintained lot size as EX in the material master but I have not defined mini. and max. lot size.

Is it possible during the MRP to consider the production version batch size if the mini. and max. lot size is not maintained in the system and create 5 Planned Order of 100 Kg each.

I know, how it can be done by using lot size in material master or by maintaining schedule lines in MD61 or by maintaining quota. But if nothing is maintained is it possible for the system to create 5 Planned orders as per the production version batch size.

Pl. check if this is possible and revert back.



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No, system will not consider the size that maintained in the production version for the creation of planned order while the mrp run .

This lost size is used to validate the bom/ routing combiation for the particular pv of the material