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MRP Run in MD01 and MD03 is different

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I am new to MRP processes. Maybe the problem is trivial maybe not.

We have a 9 000 spare parts and would like to use a limited MRP to help operators to know which number of spare parts is coming to shortage.

I set material master and made some settings in customizing for the plant I use.

After that I choose one material which stock is below reorder point.

I run MD03 and system works fine - it creates a planned order.

However when I run MD01 (or se38 ->RMMRP000) with the same parameters as for MD03 , the system creates nothing. Only telling that MRP was run and which parameters I choose.

I run MD16 to see maybe there are some planned order that system created and did not tell me, but nothing as well.

Only MD03 works if I choose the material. However, collective run MD01 is not working.

Any ideas?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In the future, try the search feature here in the forum.  This question has been asked and answered multiple times.

Most common reason for these symptoms is no planning file entry/improper planning file entry/inconsistent planning file entry.

First run MDAB to create planning file entries.  Optionally run MDRE.  Then try your MD01 again.

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Thanks a lot! Your respond was very helpful and I solved the problem.

I was trying to use the search but my problem was without any error message, so quite difficult to search. When I searched for MD01 it gave so many unrelevant results.

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You could just have used your subject line to search. It had all the necessary information to find previous discussions.

Try it in reverse when you get answer with links.

Read the content and make up your mind with what key words you could have found it yourself.

Then try the search yourself to find this particular thread.

I used this way very often in the beginning when I had to search for OSS notes.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Zhargal,

Could you pls provide some more info on MRP control parameters you use while running MRP with MD01?

Also refer the following thread for more info on MRP


Mangesh S