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MRP results evaluation by exceptions in S/4 1909

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The MRP monitor add-on in ECC was a great tool especially for filtering MRP list by exceptions and all MRP related information for planners. I have seen the MRP Fiori apps in S/4 Monitor Material Coverage and MRP Master Data issues however they don't seem to have a quicker and easier option to filter and evaluate MRP results by exceptions.

Question: Do you know if there is an easier way in S/4 to evaluate MRP results by exceptions for planners (other than MD06 where one can filter by exception groups)...if not, then can I activate the MRP Monitor add-on on S/4 1909?

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Working on S4 HANA migration, where we will move to MRP Live...


How to achieve the following with MRP Live in combination with Fiori

Select and process materials with rescheduling messages (code 10,15, 07, etc)

Select and process materials with cancellation messages (code 20)

Main concern is what replaces mrp processing indicator?

MRP Live does not create MRP List, so exceptions cannot be reported or processed with MD06...

MD07 does not include processing indicator.

How can the MRP Controller "review" such exceptions in MRP Live, and set an indicator which can be used to determine which materials have been reviewed/processed (like the processing indicator in MD06)?

An tips or comments greatly appreciated


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Product and Topic Expert


Did you check the APP Detect MRP situations in S/4HANA 1909? It gives you an overview of the exception messages per material, as shown in the screenshot below:

You can find more information in the following link:'F3853')/S16OP

If this is not enough for you, then I believe you can continue using the MRP Monitor. It is an add-on provided by SAP Consulting and it should be compatible with S/4HANA.




Is there any way that we could set process indicator in MRP Live.

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One thing you should consider when planning MRP in S/4HANA is MRP Live, which is go-to solution. MRP Live doesn't write MRP lists anymore - see note 2268085 - S4TWL - MRP Live on SAP HANA - MD01N:

MRP lists were intended for checking the MRP result. MRP lists were used to find materials with issues quickly. MRP lists are snapshots of the material supply and demand situation at the time of the last MRP run. The snapshot is often outdated. With HANA, stock/requirements lists can be read with high speed. The MRP apps determine materials with issues in real-time. In SAP S/4HANA there is no need for outdated MRP lists.

My personal view is that this is a wrong decision to phase out MRP lists. I just can't see a way to efficiently manage MRP exceptions without them.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski


Dominik - This problem has recently hit me so I wanted to share. My current client is hell-bent on using S/4HANA Fiori functionality to do as many MRP and PP processes as possible. I've spent a ton of time trying to do so.

As you know, daily exception monitoring consists of a bunch of steps such as:

  • find materials that didn't plan (group 8 messages); fix them and replan
  • find materials missing master data; fix them and replan
  • find materials with negative days of supply; attempt to fix the situation
  • find overdue elements; reschedule them and replan
  • find reschedule exception messages; reschedule the elements to the requested date if possible
  • etc.

I could not do most of these steps in Fiori Apps. And the 2 steps that I could do using the Fiori App: Monitor Material Coverage can also be done in MD07 so we might as well do them there. It's a real shame that SAP has gotten rid of the MRP Lists without offering a "one-stop shop" replacement.

In case you're interested I've attached my detailed testing results as screen shots below.

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Thank you annehustis that is really helpful.

caetano.almeida Would you be able to shed some light on point 6 from Ann's comment:

Are you aware of any Fiori app that could be used here?

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski

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Thanks for your response Caetano.

MRP Situations is an application jobs App. Looks like we first need to create a variant in Manage situations and Types App.

Let me check all of those settings to see if I can get the MRP Situations app working, will get back once I have done so.