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MRP Rescheduling

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Hello all,

Can you please tell me what rescheduling is? On what criteria is rescheduling carried out by MRP?

Also, the column rescheduling date in MD04, can you please let me know how and why this is calculated?

Thanks and regards,


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Hi deepthi

An important group of the exception messages mentioned above are the rescheduling proposals. In the net requirements calculation, the system checks whether warehouse stock or firmed receipts are available in sufficient quantity to cover requirements. If a material shortage exists, the system usually creates a new procurement proposal. The rescheduling check is used to change the dates of already existing firmed receipts not planned on the same day as the requirement to suit the requirement date. For this purpose, the system displays the appropriate exception messages with rescheduling proposals for these firmed receipts to be processed by the MRP controller.

You have defined the rescheduling parameters in Customizing for MRP:

per plant in the IMG activity Carry out overall maintenance of plant parameters

per MRP group in the IMG activity Carry out overall maintenance of MRP groups

The rescheduling date is only displayed in the MRP list. The system only displays the current stock/requirements list if you trigger rescheduling with the appropriate function.