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MRP Proposals considering rounding value and the qty above the MOQ

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Hi Experts,

I have scenario where I have to create the MRP Proposals in the below mentioned way,

Proposals generated as per MRP, the 1st PR should consider MOQ and the qty above the MOQ should take only the net required qty, and the qty less than moq than it shud take MOQ.

Example: MRP view settings

Procurement type=F

Mat Type= ROH

Rounding Value = 50

Lot Sizing Procedure=EX


Rounding Val=50

Results of MRP should be

Purchase Req #1=50

Purchase Req #2=50

Purchase Req #3=40, means I shoudl get the the first two PRs as per the rounding value but the last PR should be the of the net qty required.

Please help me out.Best Regards

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Active Contributor

What has this to do with rounding? If it would be rounding then you should get 150

Your requirement is just splitting 1 requirement into 3 based on a threshold. Why is this needed?

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

Hi Rashid

Can you try with fixed lot sizing procedure?

Any requirement less than the fixed lots shall have a receipt equal to fixed lot

The last lot in your case should be exact to the qty.This can be achieved by the indicator " Last Lot Exact" in the lot sizing customization



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Thanks Raghavendra Ji,

It really worked, but in my case I used EX, lot for lot.



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Thanks Jurgen,

Actually I am using rounding to get multiple of the min ordering quantity acceptable for my vendor, but whenever I get my PR at the end of the planning period, its also of the rounding value, but for this PR i want to get the net required qty instead of the rounding value. Yes you are right, its basically a split requirement just to avoid the excess stock at the end of the planning period.

Yes, I am getting 150 in this case but i want system to give me 3 PRs of 50, 50 and 40(remaining of the required qty).

Best Regards

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Try a maximum lot size of 50 and set the indicator last lot size exact in the lot sizing customizing (transaction OMI4).