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Mrp Problem

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Hello, i have the following problem:

I want to create a purchase requistion already fixed/firmed. To do this, I have created a material with MRP type P1: MRP, fixing type -1-. The purchase requisition is not created fixed/firmed because is created after the End of planning time fence. The system is creating the Purchase requisition after the planning time fence because, for MRP, the time fence is the horyzon where you do not want to have changes in the planning.

I have one possibility: when I run MD03 with the option display result before saving, I can setup the firming date manually. In this way I can create the purchase requisition already fixed but I have to made it manually.

But my need is to have automatically the purchase requisition already firmed/fixed.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The requirement to have the firmed purchase requisition looks contradictory. MRP generated PRs should not/ cannot be with firmed status.

Youu2019ve acknowledged that since you are using the Planning time fence, the new procurement proposals are created at the end of Planning time fenceu2026 in line with the SAP process definition

u2022 Firming type 1

Procurement proposals that move into the planning time fence are firmed automatically, as soon as their date lies at least one day before the end date of the planning time fence. The date of new procurement proposals that are created in the planning time fence is displaced to the end of the planning time fence. These new procurement proposals are not firmed.

Do you have a real business requirement for this?

If your business process definitely needs the firming to take place automatically, you better write a program and schedule a job/ add a step to the MRP job u2013 to mark the firming indicator to the new Purchase requisitions; use necessary selection parameters as appropriate. Please remember that the dates still lie beyond the planning time fence.

Or, write the program/schedule the job to pass date(s) & change the dates for the PRs to fall within the planning time fence (and firm).

All these are still work-around options only. The best way would be to check your business need again.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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you should revise your business requirement, as PurReq created by MRP should be "not Firmed"; the idea is that after MRP Controller converts Planned Orders, PurReq become "firmed", indicating that a "human" revision has been carried out.

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Hi Jossy,

This is not a direct solution for what you asked, but its a nice workaround:

Change your MRP run settings, so the system creates planned orders instead of purchase requisitions.

Then, after you run MRP go to the collective conversion of planned orders to purchase requisitions, choose all, and convert. Now you got all your purchase requisitions firmed!