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MRP: Planning horizon & opening period

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hi MM Experts,

please, explain what is "MRP planning horizon" and what is the impact on MD03 ?

please expalin elso "the MRP Opening period" and what's his utility ?

both of them are in the OMI8 tcode.

thanx in advance.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi. Hope this helps.

Planning horizon is the Time period in days, MRP will consider the requirements for Planning. We can define this in number of days in OPPQ and/or in OPPR.

Simply it is = Cumulative lead time + Longest batching period.

You can define the Planning horizon in OPPQ/OPPR as mentioned above

& under MRP group then we assign this MRP group to material master in MRP1 view.

NETPL ( Net change planning in planning horizon) you will get it in MD02, MD01: With this processing key only material where the indicator NETPL has been set in planning calendar are planned.For example if we set planning horizon as 30 days then in the material in which MRP relevant changes happened in last 30 days will only be planned. This planning restricts the scope of planning or number of material which reduces the runtime of planning run. Planning horizon is the period beyond it, requirements don't generate planned orders.

Opening Period is...

Opening period is like a "release window". The length of the opening period is the window of opportunity a planner has to convert the planned order to a purchase req.

For example - Component A has a lead time of 14 days and opening period of 5 days. Requirement on 12-22-03

Opening Date - 01/12/09

Start Date - 08/12/09

Finish Date - 22/12/09

Now the planner can convert the order starting Dec. 1st, instead of Dec. 8. It basically is a buffer in the lead time to get things on order a little sooner than needed.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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