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MRP Planning for two different plants

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Dear all,

This is my scenrio.

We have two different plants 1000 and 1100,

Plant 1000 Capsule manufacturing and plant 1100 Formulation plant.

Both plants run MTO scenrio.

For plant 1000 ,capsule is FERT & for plant 1100 same capsule is RM (ROH)l for formulation and using BOM for FG Material.

Plant 1100 got a sale order to run MRP and it creates a PR for capsule and we need to convert into stock transfer PO and doing stock transfer from 1000 (mm route)

What is methodology for plant 1000 to produce the required capsules ( only STO is available and Sales order not available)

What is the reference for creation of planned order?

What is the reference document for plant 1000 for producing the capsules?

Ofcourse transfer of capsuels from 1000 to 1100 could be donethro an allready released stock transport PO ( mm)

I have some cllues

Planned reuirements are created thro a) sale order b) independent requirement.

If I go by independent requirement, how plant 1000 identifies that there is a requirement at plant 1100.

There is no exclusive sale order for 1000 for producing the FERT.

Please enlighten.


S Sakthivel

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Answers (2)

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You got SO for 1100 plant, for that you've created PR & STO with reference to that SO.In STO, provide 1000 as supplying plant.

Now run MRP thorugh MD02 for that material in 1000 plant.Since the STO contains sale order with supplying plant as 1000.It will generate corresponding requirement with respect to the SO provided in STO.



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Few Points to Map MRP Scenario as per your requirement

1) Create Capsule material as HALB in 1000 and 1100 plants ( Material type will be same in all plants of a client even though it is Finish product in 1000 plant and Raw material for 1100 plant)

2) In Material master of 1100 plant for Capsule maintain settings in MRP-2 view as

Procurement type F

Special Procurement type 40 (Stock transfer (proc.from alter.plant))

In OPPQ Special Procurement tab Give settings

Procurement type F, Special Procurement U and Plant 1000

3) In Material master of 1000 plant for Capsule maintain settings in MRP-2 view as

Procurement type E

Create proper BOM and Routing in 1000 plant for capsule and for Main product in 1100 plant

4) When u run MRP in MD50 in 1100 plant against SO , system will create Purchase req for Capsule in 1100 plant and Planned orders for Capsule in 1000 plant automatically and dependent req for the BOM components. This will be the basis of your production in 1000 plant. By converting the Planned ord for capsule to Production order u can complete the Production and GI to STO.

5) If u r using MTO stg 20 then u can not Create PIR in any plant

6) If u want to plan for the Components the n i can use Stg 50