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MRP Planned orders

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Hai Gurus,

Here I have a problem

I am using Strategy 40 for In house production.

Entered Demand for three months As M1 - 10000Nos, M2 - 12000Nos and M3 - 15000Nos. For Raw material planning Demand is input.

Now for M1 Schedule Agreement entered as 8000Nos.Now in MRP run can System consider only this Quantity(8000Nos) for Producing semifinished and finished material.

The Demand differance 2000Nos should not consider for my In house production.

Material : FVL41482

Date MRP El MRP Ele Data Re/Qty Available Qyt

21.11.2008 Stock 0 0

03.11.2008 IndReq VSF 20,000- 20,000-

20.11.2008 SchAgr 0030000013/000010/0001 80,000- 100,000-

21.11.2008 PldOrd 0001000034/STCK 20,000 80,000-

21.11.2008 PldOrd 0001000046/STCK* 10 80,000 0

01.12.2008 PldOrd 0001000035/STCK 120,000 120,000

01.12.2008 SchAgr 0030000013/000010/0002 100,000- 20,000

01.12.2008 IndReq VSF 20,000- 0

01.01.2009 PldOrd 0001000041/STCK 80,000 80,000

01.01.2009 IndReq VSF 80,000- 0

In the above Example Can we limit the system not to generate Planned order for 20,000Nos which is stricked.

Thanks & Regards.


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Answers (1)

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Dear mohan,

statergy 40 works in that way only. It plans for PIR qty and customer requirement will consume PIR. if PIR qty is less than CR it will propose requirement for the difference qty. if PIR is more than CR it will plan for PIR qty always. this Difference u have adjust in the coming month PIR manully in MD61