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mrp on material type ersa

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i ran an mrp on a material type ersa but the mrp only generated a purchase requisition with only 1 pc  as the requirement quantity and the business has asked to raised a pr on 50 pcs. how do i go about that

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You did not mention what MRP Type you're using on that material. If you want a PR for 50PCS just for this time, ask the business to create it manually. If you're using re-order point and every time stock goes below certain stock level maintain your MRP Type as VB and set a re-order point (e.g. 5PCS) and use lot size as WB and maintain rounding value as 50 (in MRP 1 tab of material master), this way whenever stock goes below the re-order point ( 5PCS in our example) it will create a PR for 50.