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MRP not genertaing PR for Manual reorder point planning with replenishment Lead time

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Hello Experts,

While running MRP with MD03, it is not generating any PR.

MRP type Z1 is used which is manual reorder point planning with external requirement with lead time.

I am attaching screen shot for your reference

MD04 Screen:

The element which is turning available quantity into negative is ''Release order for a stock transfer requisition PRqRel ''

MRP element

Planning file entry:

MRP type configuration:

Best regards

Shailesh Mishra

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Answers (1)

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If your planned delivery time is long, the replenishment proposal may be generated far in the future, unless you allow the start in the past.

If this is not the case, please share a screenshot of transaction MD05. As I explained on the blog , transaction MD05 should be used to analyze the MRP results.



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Hello Caetano,

Thanks for your reply. The planned delivery time is 42 days maintained in material master

I always refer to your MD05 analysis SCN document and below is the screen shot.

MD05-Collective screen shot. Exception message group 6 is displayed.Stock fallen below ot safety stock, message 96 specifically.

There is no start in past customizing is done either at plant parameter level or at MRP group level.

Since this is STO plant to plant, MRP has created stock transport requisition at the receiving plant(fr04) and the MRP element, Release for stock transfer requisition in the delivering plant(BE04).

I have one doubt.In MRP type Z1 customizing,there is no indicator being ticked at Purch,req Release, does it mean, the MRP element ''PRqRel '' which is turning available quantity into negative at BE04 plant has not been incorporated into additional External requirement In Reorder Point Planning?

Appreciate your reply

Best regards