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MRP not generating proposals for dependent requirements

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Hello Experts,

I am facing an issue where MRP is not generating proposals (Planned orders) for a packaging material. Dependent requirement for future is available for the material. This packaging material is having scheduling agreement. While executing MRP for this material, a standard error occurred and which mentioned as “Maximum no. of order proposals per deadline exceeded”. Number of proposals maintained in plant parameters are 100. Planning calendar is used as PK (Friday). Minimum lot size is 0 and rounding value also set as 0. I have also searched for relevant threads throughout google, unfortunately, I don’t want to change configuration since this issue is happening for only a single material. Attached screenshot for MM03, MD04 and MD05. Material also have open contract.

Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.

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Please refer SAP KBA on it,

1958649 - Error message "Message no. 61098 - Maximum no. of order proposals per deadline exceeded" running MRP

and implement SAP note 1011025 - Err 61098(Maximum no of order proposals per deadln exceeded) and then cross chekc the results.

Best Regards,