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MRP Fiori Apps can they be used with Classic MRP

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Hi Gurus,

Do Manage and Monitor Material Coverage and MRP Master Data issues apps work with Classic MRP?

If I run materials planning using classic MRP, do these MRP Fiori apps get updated?

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Hello offshore.development

According to my knowledge MRP Fiori apps work fine with classic MRP.

The rationale behind: both MRP classic and MRP live create procurement proposals i.e. supply MRP elements. Also you can create them manually. Both MRP flavors are driven by the same master data. Therefore irrespective how you plan the results can be investigated by either classic transactions or Fiori apps.

One of notable differences between MRP classic and live is lack of MRP lists in the latter. Therefore if you use MRP live you won't be able to use MD05 or MD06 transaction. However there are on Fiori apps for MRP lists.

The bottom line you should be fine with MRP Fiori apps irrespective of which MRP flavor you use.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski