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MRP execution for Engineering scenarios

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Hi All,

My customer is in engineering industry i.e. our products have a mixed ratio of standard product and customized/engineered product (i.e. different BOM).

Now, Operations team in their forecast share a generic number (Without Material code) with plant and SCM for planning and it is very difficult for them to forecast whether that product will be standard or customized.

How can we plan MRP for these kind of scenarios?

In MD61 how should we create forecast ? For standard product or Customized product.

Is there a way to plan SFGs or RMs which are common and for custom items we can plan at later stage?

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Hello Akash

You should consider using the Planning with a Planning Material planning strategy.

PIRs will be created for the planning material, but MRP will create non-convertible planned orders, which are only used to drive requirements for SFGs and RMs. The planning material BOM will contain only the common SFGs and RMs, so you will be able to procure them ahead of time and keep them in stock.

When an SO is created for the standard or the customized product, it consumes the planning material PIR, the non-convertible planned order is deleted, and a real planned order is created for the standard or the customized product.

Take a look into the documentation of this planning strategy below: