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MRP element data

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Dear friends,

I have run MD02 for my finished goods. So it gives me the requirement of raw material list.

I have converted my planned order (for finished goods)in to production order. As soon as i got production order for finished goods, system automatically creates planned order for my raw material. This planned order can be converted as a Purchase request.

My query is related to my raw material planned order.

If i run md04 for my raw material system displays stock/req. list.

It contains MRP Element coloum as: Pldord

MRP element data as:xxxxxxx/STPO.

I can not understand What is "STPO"?

Can anybody describe me what is STPO and its importance?



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Hi Shridhar,

Internal Purchase Order is known as Stock Transport Order (STPO) in SAP. It is use when a company have multiple plants which purchase from each other.

1. Buying Plant create Purchase Order Type UB directly from ME21N or convert from MD04 during MRP run.

2. A requirement will be prompt by MRP in Selling Plant.

3. If there available stocks, Selling Plant will trasferred it to the designated storage location before Buying Plant can do a receiving.

Hope this will help.


Ferry Lianto

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In my case i have not created many plants. I am having only one plant. Then why the system creates Purchase order with STPO?



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Hi Shri,

The Raw material you are working with must have been defined for Special Procurement.

1. Check in the Material Master of Raw Material - MRP 2 view whether Special Procurement field is populated with some value or not.

If it is blank then,

2. Check in the BOM Item details for the Raw Material whether Special Procurement is defined there or not.

Thanks & Regards,


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