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MRP_Difference between procurement proposal calculation dates for two materials in same plant

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Hi Team,

Need your expert insights on this. I have gone through multiple threads but haven't got right answers.

We have two materials - Material A and B belonging to same plant. For these two materials all the number of days maintained in MARC are similar.(which means Planned delivery time(PDT),GR processing Time(GRT),Sch.Margin Key(SMK),In-House production(IHP)) and also in plant level planning horizon 80 days maintained in SPRO in OMI8 transaction. These two materials has procurement type F and lot size EX and we don't any MRP area defined in SPRO and MRP Type is ZD - Demand Management.

MARC table

MRP type - ZD - Demand Management

However if we run MRP in MD03 with processing key NETCH with create purchase requisition 2 option

for Material A - till 148 days from today it creates PR,later to it planned order.

PDT+GRT+SMK+IHP+planning horizon = 35+3+5+25+80 = 148 days

MD03 for Material A

MD04 - planning results for Material A

for Material B - till 33 days from today it creates PR,later to it planned order.

PDT+GRT+SMK+IHP+planning horizon = 0+ 3+5+25+0 = 33 days

MD03 for Material B

MD04 - Planning results for Material B

We would like to know even though these two materials has same information in all levels why for material B - PDT and planning horizon is not calculated in total. System considers it as zero and hence making the total to 33 days.

I have attached all relevant screen shots as well. Can you kindly help in providing your inputs why system behaves differently for these two materials even though all parameters are same? or Am I missing any other items? Kindly advice team.

Thanks in advance.


Saravanan D

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Hi Saravanan,

It is normal behavior of MRP. System is generating PRs as per the requirement dates.