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MRP details

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Hello All,

Can anyone exactly tell me what all the MRPs are for?

Like what does MRP1, MRP2, MRP3, and MRP4 used for?what exactly we define in these MRPs?

I have gone thorough the theoretical part but would appreciate if somebody can tell me the practical use...




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Piyush,

Each view has got its own use.

MRP1 - Here we can maintain General data, MRP procedure,Lot size data, MRP areas

MRP procedure - MRP type, whether PD (MRP) or M1 (MPS) or VB (Reorder planning)

Lot size data- whether it is lot for lot order or fixed order qty.

For Eg: If the order qty is 100 & EX is maitained.Then after mrp run a planned order for 100 nos will be created. If FX with qty as 10 is maintained then 10 planned orders with qty each as 10 will be created.

MRP2- Procurement, scheduling, net requirement calculation

Procurement - whether the material is to be procured externally or produced internally or both

Scheduling - We enter the inhouse production time,schedule margin key which will be used when scheduling the orders.

Net requirement calculation - here we maintain the safety stock values

MRP 3- Planning , availablity check

Planning - We can maitain the strategy group For Eg: Make to stock or make to order

MRP 4 - BOM explosion,Discontinued parts, Repetitive manufacturing,production version

In Bom selection we can maintain how the BOM is to be selected For Eg: Whether by order qty/date/production version

If we need to discontinue some part we can use the discontinuation indicator

If Repetive mfg is to be used then REM profile is to be entered, Rep mfg check box is to be activated.

Productionn version tab is to define the prod versions.



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That was of a good help to me. Once I will learn all these then again I will have more questions I hope you are there to answer them as well....




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