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MRP Control Parameters

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Hi everyone,

We are in a blueprint phase right now and I just want to verify something. In MD01 or MD02 (Run MRP), theres a parameter there "Create Pur Req". There are 3 options:

Purchase Requisition - creates Pur Req for the entire horizon

Purchase Requisition in opening period - Pur Req for the Lead Time then Planned Orders onwards

Planned Orders - all Planned Orders

Is my understanding correct? Which field do you maintain the opening period? is it the planning time fence of the material?

Many thanks in advance!

Also, is there any way that you can run MRP and produce Prod Orders already instead of Planned Orders?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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To your question of where we define opening period, Opening period is derived through the Schedule Margin key assigned in the MRP view of the material.

To your question of whether Process order creation is directly from MRP run Instead of Planned orders. No it is not possible. The work around is you can schedule a background job for conversion of Planned orders to Process orders.



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Got it thanks! I was also looking at the same work around.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Opening period is not planning time fence. Opening period along with Floats (before & after productuion) and release period are defined in Schedule margin key. Schedule margin key is defined by using OPPQ.

As such you cannot directly create production order.