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MRP background run error MD01 and MDBT


H i team,

i am  trying to set BACKGROUND job Using  MDBT with scope of planning option i am getting error message

1."Job cancelled after system exception ERROR_MESSAGE (Message no. 00564)"

checked running with MD01 below error is populated

2.Please check the destination for Parallel MRP (message no. MD251).

I Have gone through threads and got solution mentioned to set

Inn SPROProduction>Material Requirements Planning-->Define Parallel Processing in MRP-server name from production.

issue is 

If set 'Define parallel processing in MRP ' through Customization, system is giving only Development server as available destination and we are supposed to add production server name system is not allowing for same in dev.

how this is to be handled.



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Active Contributor

Dear Sanket,

Go to SM51 and find the available servers on the development system.

Then go to OMIQ transaction and set the development server there.

You cannot run parallel processing on production server from development system.

Normally this issue happens when production is copied to quality and development systems and you should set the destination for parallel processing manually when system copy is done as a part of post system refresh activity.

If you dont want to do all this you could just un check parallel processing indicator in MD01.

Hope this helps

Best Regards,

Ameya B.

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Awesome! you save me, thanks so much!