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MRP Areas

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I have defined MRP areas for our plant, however I'm not certain about the Conversion of the Planning File for MRP Areas if this will give me an option to convert specific plants or is it going to convert every plant?

Please help, thanks.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The first process in MRP is the checking of the planning file.The planning run and the scope of the planning run (which materials are planned in which planning run) are controlled by the planning file.

The planning file contains a list of all materials relevant to the planning run. As soon as a material master record is created with MRP data and a valid MRP type, this material is then automatically included in the planning file.

First you have to define the MRP area and Create MRP views for the Materials.Then automaticlly materials entered in Planning file.

If a material was created before the planning run was activated for a plant, you must generate an entry in the planning file for all materials in this plant that are to be included in the planning run.

This function can only be carried out in background mode.


1.Starting from the MRP menu choose Planning ® Planning file entry ® Set up in background.

The initial screen for the setting up of planning file entries appears.

2.You can use a selection variant to plan the creation of planning file entries at a later date, or you can start the process immediately.

3.Once you have started the process, the system checks each material in this plant to see whether it is relevant for MRP. If a material fulfills the appropriate prerequisites, it is included in the planning file and either the net change planning indicator or the net change planning horizon indicator is set.



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Hi Ramakrishna,

Thanks a lot for the prompt response. But I'm still a bit worried about the conversion itself, because of the following:

1. Conversion can only be run once for client. What about future plants that we might create.

2. No options to convert only specific plants, seems as if SAP will convert even the plants that I'm not responsible for.

I would happy just to convert only the plants I'm responsible for.


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Answers (1)

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I want to share some points about MRP.

First thing is MRP area is that area where planning is needed.MRP area can be a storage location or locations or the whole plant.

Second thing is abiut planning file.Planning file is that which contains all planning materials.

While creation of the material, materials which are relevant for planning will be provided with profile.

depending upon the indicators(netch etc) during planning run materials which are relevant for the planning will be entered in planning file.While planning run we are going to provide the planning area.

With the above explanation of basics i think your question is clarified.