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MRNB - Background, Purpose, and Explanation

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Hi, I support MM and PP for my company and I am wondering if someone can give me some good information about the MRNB transaction. I am looking for a business explanation of the transaction, it's purpose, and its usage. I have a user that says that they need to use the transaction - but I am unfamiliar with it and would like to provide some direction.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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Answers (2)

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You use this function within Logistics Invoice Verification to determine the difference values on the basis of price changes that are retroactively valid and to create settlement documents for them.

You can also revaluate purchasing document items for which you have entered invoices or credit memos in different currencies.

You can send the revaluation settlement documents to the vendors as Messages or via EDI.


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MRNB is used for retrospective paying to vendor...

Say you raise PO for 10 EUROs and did GR and paid Vendor 10 Euros....after some time...Vendor claims his goods is for 15 Euros and now you have to pay him 5 Euros balance......this MRNB is used to pay the balance refering to the PO (old PO).

There are certain prerequisties to be mainatined...

Refer SAP help....