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MRN2- Impact if we add movement types 541 and 542

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Hi ,

Hungary country is using MRN2 Tcode with Selecting data base update option.This tcode will call for movement types tcode OMWV(Table TNIW4). Presently we have movement types 101, 102,103,104,105,106,201,202,,221,222,261,262,501,502 in the tcode OMWV.This is at client level.

Now Romania country wants to add movement types 541 and 542 . So if we add these movement types then what is the impact for the Hungary country as it is at client level .????????

As Hungary countryusing data base update option, in the material master under accounting 2 tab tax price 1 and devaluation indicator fields are updating..

Thanks & regds


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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A) As long as Hungary does not use these there is no effect.

B) If HU does use these then in general you movement rates will be higher, resulting in less devaluation (hence a higher stock value). Since these are transfer postings (and not consumption or receipt) i do not think that they should be included.

If RO insist, the best solution is to make copies of 541/542 which RO will then have to use and can be added for MRN2 without influencing HU.

Kind regards

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Hi Dominic,

I have given 10 points for you..............

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