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MR51 : why total quantity consider quantity of PR / OP document type

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I donu2019t understand in MR51 list why the system for the total quantity field sum the quantity of PR / OP document type. It should consider only material movement like receipts or issues.

What do you think about this ?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I repeat my question.

PR and OP are ev. Document type.

Is right that these document types are consider by MR51.

My question is concerning the field total quantity.

The system for this field should consider only material movement like receipts or issues and not ev. Document type like PR or PR.

Do you agree with me ?


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I am not agree

AA Asset Posting

AB Accounting Document

AF Depreciation Pstngs

AN Net Asset Posting

CH Contract Settlement

DA Customer Document

DG Customer Credit Memo

DR Customer Invoice

DZ Customer Payment

EU Euro Rounding Diff.

EX External Number

KA Vendor Document

KG Vendor Credit Memo

KN Net Vendors

KP Account Maintenance

KR Vendor Invoice

KZ Vendor Payment

ML ML Settlement

OB Upload Document

OB Upload Document

PR Price Change

RA Sub.Cred.Memo Stlmt

RB Reserve for Bad Debt

RD Reversal Document Ty

RE Invoice - Gross

RN Invoice - Net

RV Billing Doc.Transfer

SA G/L Account Document

SB G/L Account Posting

SD Settlement Document

SK Cash Document

SP Salary Posting

SU Adjustment Document

UE Data Transfer

WA Goods Issue

WE Goods Receipt

WI Inventory Document

WL Goods Issue/Delivery

WN Net Goods Receipt

ZC Contra Posting

ZP Payment Posting

ZR Bank Reconciliation

ZS Payment by Check

ZV Payment Clearing

these are the document type there? now tell me which belong to PO document type

MR51 display only FI document and in PR and PO no FI document

yes it may be if you have give advance payment to vendor with help of Po and you are getting that document type there.advance payment document type


Kailas Ugale

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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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MR51 considers below documnet types - Didnt get where you get PR document types in MR51.

Goods movement Tr./Ev. type Doc. type

Goods receipts for purchase orders WE WE or WN

Goods receipts for orders WF WE

Goods issues, transfer postings, other goods WA WA

Goods issues for deliveries WL WL


Syed Hussain.

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I checked at my end there is only GRN qty

check your input again or analyze it again


Kailas Ugale