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MR21 between Material (UU) Stock and Special (Project) Stock

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Hi everyone,

I want to update Price for Special (Project) Stock in Tcode : MR21 with choose option : PSP_ELEMENT_BWKEY_0250 Special Stock - WBS Element, bu SAP shown error like this :

"..The valuation data for material F000000012082 for project LKS-00003-01-01-01 does not exist

Message no. MM125


The system has tried to read the valuation data for material F000000012082 with reference to project LKS-00003-01-01-01. However, this data does not exist.


Check and correct your entry as required..."

I already check in other link for this issue, they said that i must do Goods Receipt (GR) first for that Special (Project) Material so table QBEW contains data. But my goal is i can update price for Special (Project) Stock before we do GR for this Special (Project) Material, because this is related with our plan to balance special material price with budget of this material in Project System (Tcode : CJ20N).

Then, i already check if i do update price (Tcode : MR21) for material stock (UU/standard) with there is no stock for that material (same condition with special material), SAP allows this action.

The point is : SAP allows update price at tcode : MR21 for material stock/standard but SAP not allows update price for special stock/custom while there is no stock for that material.

My question is whether process in SAP like i mention above or any setting i can set to achieve my goal?

Really appreciate for any comments for this issue.



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Hi Haidi,

Did you try to implement the User Exit COPCP002 ? There is a good solution proposed below, but we can't impment it beacause of the system doesn't check the UE before checking the price in the QBEW table.

Please share the solution if you find it.



To force the valuation at the material standard price (from MBEW) for the first goods receipt you should program correspondingly the user exit COPCP002. When the first goods receipt is posted, the valuation will always use the price from QBEW, not from MBEW. One can however update the standard price in QBEW using transaction MR21.

Changing QBEW-LBWST will not change the standard price.