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Moving average price calculation logic of material with Price Control "S"

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Dear Gurus,

As you know that there is a Moving price and standard price icon in the material master.

I want to understand the calculation logic of the moving average price of the materials having price control "S"

How the system calculates the MAP for standard price materials? The receipt from the process order I suppose is valuated at the process order cost after settlement, but if the issue has hapened for the material does the system recalculate the issue price also?

Below is the sample process order receipt and issue scenario:

Receipt from process order 161000000223

300 kg and GR at standard cost value is Rs 5892

Issue to process order 162000000294

250 kg and GI at standard cost value is Rs 4910.

Thus the balance at period end is 50 kg and balance at standard cost value is Rs 982.

Here in process order 161000000223 the actual cost is 10 Rs. Then how will the system calculate the MAP?

Thanking You,

Amit Dhanurdhari

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Try the following calculations,

One of them will work depending upon your version and support pack

Expected MAP calculation ( As with price control V)

= ((Qty before transaction*MAP + Transaction Qty * transaction

Price)) / quantity after transaction

New Method ( when price control is S)

= Old MAP + (Price Variance w.r.t Standard Price/Qty after transaction)

Also go through the following notes,

Note 1225167


518485 FAQ: Valuation of goods movements

212286 Overview note: Valuation during goods movements

209864 Moving average price is disproportionately large

202166 Collective note: Statistical moving average price

185961 Moving Average Price Calculation

I have done extensive research on this, let me know if you need to know something specific.

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Hi Sachine

I have one question.

The material is matianed with price control S. we want to know how the system updates the statistical moving average price. In which table this information is stored? or is there any other way we can find this out from available data? thanks in advance for your help.



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Hi Sachin,

For one report purpose, I want to calculate Moving average price of  material for past date. can you help me in building simple Logic to calculate MAP of past date.

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Dear Sachin,

I would like  to understand the MAP calculation for material valuated with price control "S", as is in the following case (see the attached images).

I tried to calculate it as per your formula but I couldn't get to that amount for MAP. (87.712,86)

New Method ( when price control is S)

= Old MAP + (Price Variance w.r.t Standard Price/Qty after transaction)

68.408,41 + (11,31 / 1609,90) =

Is this correct?

Will appreciate your help on this.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Amit,

which version are you on ?

the standard logic (which works for price control V ) is possible only with ECC version 6.3 onwards

For other you can get standard logic for GR GI, but it will not work for GR reversals,