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Moving assets or portions of assets that are currently depreciating

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When moving entire asset values or only portions of assets from one depreciating asset to another depreciating asset in the same asset class, does the depreciation recalculate automatically on each of the assets used in the transaction with the next periodic depreciation run (t-code AFAB) ?

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It is depending on Asset value date which determines the depreciation and Transfer variant used in Additional details tab.

For transfer variant config goto SPRO-Financial Accounting-Asset Accounting-Transactions-Intercompany Asset Transfers-Automatic Intercompany Asset Transfers-Define Transfer Variants-....

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Hello Srinivasa,

I do not have authorization for t-code SPRO.

I use transfer variant 4-tranfer within a company code

I cannot look at how this variant is setup.

I was going to use t-code ABUMN for the transfer. This allows me to enter the asset Value Date. I am thinking that if I use the date the original transaction was posted then the depreciation should recalculate on each asset with the next period depreciation run. Is that true?

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Yes. you are right...Keep update after testing

In ABUMN use transfer variant 04 (which is standard) and Simulate (F9) and check values

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when i simulate SAP give message that asset value date and posting date are not in same fiscal year. Yes this is true, but I want to post anyway I think. We have many values to move around because previous person put items in wrong assets. i have many items to move that were done in previous fiscal years. Is this possible?

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yes, the transfer is a closed process. In this process the sending and the receiving asset have to be consistent. That means for example: If the transfered amount is depreciated on the sending asset you can not depreciate it again on the receiving asset.

The following settings are relevant for this:

1) Flag "Adopting dep. start date" in the depr. key

If you make a transfers within a company code, then you have to use special transaction types (e.g. 300, 310) in order to guaranteed, that the values at the receiving asset match to the values to the sending asset. Acc. to note 327088 for transaction type 300 and 310 you have to set the flag "Adopting dep.start date".

F1 Help:

Indicator: Transfer adopting dep. start date

Set this indicator, if you want to adopt the historical depreciation

start date and capitalization date from the retiring asset when you

perform intercompany asset transfers or intracompany transfers.

2) Specify Transfer of Fields


-> Transactions

-> Intercompany Asset Transfers

-> Automatic Intercompany Asset Transfers

-> Define Transfer Variants

-> Specify Transfer of Fields (for New Asset in Target CoCd)

3) Period control of the depr key

4) Of course also the depreciaiton start date

regards Bernhard

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Hi Bernhard,

What t-code are you using in your answer?

I do not see "Adopting dep. start date" in the depr. key

in the ABUMN transaction that I use to tranfer. I also do not have the option to select any TType in ABUMN.