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Movement Type?

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What is the reason for creating new movement type?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rajesh,

The movement type has important control functions in Inventory Management. It is essential for

updating the quantity fields

updating the stock and consumption accounts

selection of the fields used for entering documents

printing goods receipt/issue slips

So any Movememnt type which do not meet the above functions trigger the configuration of a new movement type

And Business process of the client also triggers the requirement

However, if you have to define new movement types, it is recommended that you create these movement types with reference to an existing movement type.

The following are the steps for the configuration of a new movement type

Tcode OMJJ


SPRO-> MM -> Inventory Managemnet ->select the option copy or change Movement types -> you get field selection screen select movement type option

Give the movement type from where you are copying

Click Enter

Select Standard movement type

Click on Copy

Specify Target entry and Enter

Select the optio ncopy all which selects/copies all dependent entries

Select new movement type

Click on reversal/Follow on movement types

Select reversal movemt type (1/2/3)

Click on save

Hope this gives clarity to you in case of any additional information required do put a message

If found useful reward accordingly

Thanks & Regards


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Let me give you a simple scenario where a new movement type is used.

If I take the standard movement type 501, I can do a GR without refering to PO. If PO were to be there ( say for 101 movement) the GR price for valuation would be taken from the PO. In case of 501 movement type, since the PO is not avaialble, the price which is taking for valuation is the material price maintained in material master.

If I need to have a GR price which is other than the material price, then I need to enter the material price at the time of GR. This is possible with copying the existing 501 movemnt type to a customized movemnt type z51 and making the Amount in Local Currency as mandatory instead of suppress.

Hope it answers your question.



Answers (7)

Answers (7)

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I am sorry there are lot of threads posted to your query. But I still picked up

Let me first tell you Any movement type that is created is a copy of standard movement delivered by SAP.with slight variations depending on the specific business processes---SAP always advises not to modify the std movements and create your own No problems when you upgrade because after upgrade all std movements are overwritten by std functionality..

and another important reason being is just for reporting and differenciation. And this is absolutely driven by Business processes....

Please feel free to raise your question


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the reson is,

suppose, i am issueing material for cost center. supose i have 4 cost center.i have to sent equal amount of quantity to all four cost center.

ex- 201-z01




all these will assign to that when i issue goods to cost center, the qty will devide to all 4 cost center.

like this new mv type is used.



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Sometimes you need to capture some information during the transaction whose field is not available in the standard movement type. hen you need to create a new one.


You transfer the goods from one plant to another plant through 301 mvt in one step and 303 - 305 in two step. Normally you enter the material, qty and issuing and recieving site etc. but do not enter the price while transferring through 301 Coz no field is given during the transaction. Now business wants that the material should be transferred at some particular price say rs 100 to maintain some moving average price. Then you need to create a new mvt by copying existing 301 say Z01, in which you activate the field 'value' as required entry.

Then you can transfer the material on a particular value.

This sort of requirements necessitates you to create new mvt types.

Reward if helpful.

Thanks & Regards

Kapil Nanda

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We create new Movement type based on business requirements.

You may create new movement types in following possible cases:

-You may want some fields to be mandatory or optional or suppressed.

-You want different Accounts to be posted for different business.

There can be other cases too.

Reward if useful.

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Any functionality or requiremnt whcih is not met by the Movemnt tyope being used can be a trigger for creating anew movemnt type.

The requiremnts may be anything ranging form field selection, Allowed Transactions

Texts, Update control / WM movement types, Account Grouping,

so based on any requiremnt you can create a new movemnt type.

Thanks & regards


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Movement Type controls following things;

1. Updating of quantity fields

2. Updating of stock and consumption accounts

3. Determining which fields are displayed during entry of a document in the system

If there is any requirement other than Std. in above details then we need to create new Movement types. For e.g.

1. If we want different account determination

2. If we want to track material movements separately like 261 for Planned GI and copy of 261 as 961 for Unplanned GI, etc...

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it depends on the business requirements. Some cases, clients want to use different account modifier for the similar transaction. In some cases (particularlt in India) some transactions involving excise, same functionality is required with excise and without excise also. Such cases, we may create new movemnet types

award points if found useful