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Movement Type Account Assignment and Account Modifier usage

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Dear All.


We have a requirement for some of our sales transactions to post to an expense account at PGI in the delivery rather than the COGS account.

So we're investigating assigning another movement type (copy 601) to the schedule line category used for these sales transactions.

Prior to doing this though, I wanted to see if it's possible to still use the 601 movement type and use an Account Modifier (or other function) to point these sales to the different offsetting GL account?

I see how to assign the account modifier's to the movement type, but I'm not seeing how this relates to the transaction and how the system will pick up one account modifier vs another when the movement is posted?

When I check the material document and accounting document generated from the delivery PGI, I see the movement type, accounts posted to and various other data, but no account modifier.


Is it possible to have one movement type post to different offsetting accounts for this type of scenario?

Also, how does the account modifier tie in to the transaction?

Many Thanks.

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Follow up:

We went with a new movement type.

This seems to be the easiest to implement, however there are implications on the back end for reporting, interfaces, etc... that might work off of the movement type.

(1) I would do an impact analysis on movement type to see what all needs to be addressed.

(2) I'd still like to find out if there's a way to do this on the account assignment side or FI substitution rule, or other?

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Did you were able to solve this? If you please share how did you change the accounts



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Hi Carlos.

Well, for us this one is set. We decided to stop investigating and put in a new schedule line category for these along with a new movement type assigned to the schedule line category. There's not too many so it can be manually assigned.

However, I would still like to figure this out for next time. When I get some time I'm thinking of looking in to the FI substitution rules or other customizing on the FI side. Must be some way to override the default posting without having to impact SD/MM?

It was a fairly quick change, but still with testing/documentation/re-training/meetings, etc.... it all adds up.


Let me know what you guys do.

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First off all, don't change account modifier for mvt type 601 as it is standard SAP.

If you want different accounting entry, then create new movement type by copying 601.

Maintain account modifier say Z01 to that movement type.

Now assign G/L in OBYC with this account modifier.

Provided this new movement type is assigned in your config.



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Hi Piyush

Thank you for the reply, that helps.

I think I was missing the OBYC peice.

Let me ask, so if we copy the movement 601 to 901 for example:

-Can we then have 901 point to account xxxx, and have 901 with modifier Z01 point to account yyyy?

Or do we have to have one movement type per account?

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no modifier or without modifier is virtually the same thing, in other words you only want one entry for a given set of settings e.g. value updating, consigment stock etc.

Movement Type is the crucial point in varying account assignment.