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mov.type 413 and 413 E

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Hi experts,

What is movement type 413 ans 413 E specifies ??? in t-code mb1b.


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Answers (4)

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With Example I am explaining to you,

1) for Mov Type : 413

Suppose you have Make-to-Stock strategy till date for X material.

X material has 100 Nos. in stock with batch X1

There is not customer specific requirement (Sales Order) as of now.

Now you want to adopt Make-to-Stock strategy for the same material X.

Customer ABC sends Sales Order 1 of 100 Nos.

In such case you CAN NOT dispatch batch X1 against this Sales order even though you have stock.

To dispatch X1 first you need to use mov.type: 413 + Sales Order then only dispatch will happen

2) for Mov Type : 413 E

Suppose in first scenario you have taken X1 batch against Sales ordre 1 of ABC customer

Meanwhile another customer DEF send you Sales Order 2.

You need to dispatch X1 to DEF instead of ABC.

In that case, you need to use 413 E and convert ABCSales Order 1 >> DEFSales Order 2

Finally you can dispatch X1 to DEF customer w.r.t. Sales Order 2

Hope you problem now crystal clear.



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Hi Balaji,

Mov type 413 is used to Move the Sales Order Stock with in Storage Locations.

Mov type 413 E is to transfer stock from one sale order (X1) to another sale order(X2). it will gernerate the flowing accounting document.

Dr:stoctk (sale order X2)

Cr: stock (sale order X1)



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413 movemnt type is used for Posting A sales order stock existing in a storage location to other storage location

413 E is used for posting a sales order stock existing in astorage location into other storage location & to an other sales order.

Thanks & regards


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413 Transfer posting to sales order stock

You can use this movement type to carry out a transfer posting from your own unrestricted-use stock, other sales order stock, consignment stock, and project stock to a sales order stock.

Possible special stock indicators:

E, K, Q

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