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More than two tab's (Folder)

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I have created a two tab’s (Folder) inside of the customer order. Now I need to create a third one, and when I send the commands to SAP B1 to create the third tab, the matrix that I load inside of this third tab don’t respond to any command of size and position that I give it. Also it reacts when I click on the other tabs.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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We have that in the code and is correct, but still behave bad.

This is part of the code:

Private oSeparacionForm As SAPbouiCOM.Form


'Lengueta Carta Promesa de Pago (CPP)

oItem = oSeparacionForm.Items.Item("F_CL")

oNewItem = oSeparacionForm.Items.Add("F_CPP", SAPbouiCOM.BoFormItemTypes.it_FOLDER)

With oNewItem

.Top = oItem.Top

.Height = oItem.Height

.Width = oItem.Width

.Left = oItem.Left + oItem.Width

.AffectsFormMode = False

oFolderCL = .Specific

End With

oFolderCL.Caption = "C.P.P."


How can I send you a screen shot of the screen?

Best regards.

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The FromPan and ToPane properties are important for the "visual reaction" of the controls inside each particular tab.

Can you post the code where you are creating the matrix and setting it? I believe that you are running into a bug at some point and that's why the matrix it's not getting set properly.

In any case try setting a break point when the matrix it's been created to see it its the case

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Yaco ...

Check the <b>FromPane </b>and <b>ToPane</b> property settings of the Matrix. I could be that it is not pointing to the right Tab Pane. If you did it in the screen painter.

Otherwise you have to set these by code, like this ...

        Dim oItem as SAPbouiCOM.Item = oForm.Items.Item("mat")
        Dim objMatrix As SAPbouiCOM.Matrix
        With otem
            .FromPane = 3
            .ToPane = 3
            objMatrix = .Specific
        End With