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monthly plan

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Dear All,

My fert is "n"

raw materials to produce "n" are "x", "y", "z".

i have two production lines"p1" and "p2"

here inputs and output are the same for both the production lines.

here my user want to give production plan for one month in sap.

normally what we suggest to the user to upload the monthly plan is to use md61 but in md61 we can give plan material wise but not production line wise.

in that plan he will give as


for the production of "n"

date UOM 1.1.2012 2.1.2012 3.1.2012 4.1.2012 5.1.2012 6.1.2012 7.1.2012 8.1.2012 .................30.1.2012


lines P1 kg 110 120 130 110 125 110 120 120 130

P2 kg 113 123 122 120 110 120 110 120 131

and from here mrp run should happen automatically: my user doesn't want to do this.

planned order should be created automatically and should be converted into production orders automatically: my user doesn't want to convert planned orders into prod orders.actually he don't want planned orders only.

more over after giving the monthly plan as shown in the example he want the production order to be created by the system automatically for example:

today's date is 2.1.2012 so for tomorrows production i.e., 3.1.2012 , today in the evening at 4:00 pm the system should create production order automatically and the user will change the quantity if required or else he will save it without changing the quantity in production order.

Please help me with the configuration settings.


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Answers (1)

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Since everything needs to be done 'automatically' you need to approach your abaper to write a Z program, which does everything in the background. There is no configuration setting for this.

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Dear Vivek,

Thanks i have consulted my abap'er.