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Monitor Purchase Order flow with 2 vendors

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My client is buying a product which is manufactured by 2 vendors.

No component is provided to the vendors, only product specifications.

The first vendor creates a semi-finished, then sends it to a second one and the second one delivers

the finished product to my client.

What would be your suggestions to monitor each step in MM if there are no intermediate goods receipt at my client'site ?

Thanks a lot for your help


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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the material produced by the first vendor is a component for the order at the second vendor.

the first vendor gets a standard PO, where you enter in the delivery address tab the vendor number of the second vendor along with activating the SC box.

You then post a GR when the first vendor tells you that he is finished with production and has shipped the material. this GR will automatically post the subcontractor stock of vendor 2

You have to create a sbucontract order to vendor 2. and here you have to have a bill of material with the semi finished material as component.

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Very helpful ! Thanks a lot for your time Jurgen !

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