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Modify standard field selection group

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Dear Experts

We want to change the configuration of a standard field selection group ( specifically the number 61 ) to make some fields of a product type available.

Could there be any inconsistency in modifying a standard field selection group in the SSCUI 104026?

Is it recommended to create a custom field reference to carry out the configuration we need?

Thanks for the support.

Best regards

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ruben,

You cannot create a new field selection group or add new fields to an already existing field selection group using the SSCUI 104026 (Assign Fields to Field Selection Groups ) . This SSCUI can be used only to modify the field properties of any field reference by choosing from the available field selection option (hide, display, required entry, or optional entry).

It is not recommended to change the field selection option for field references that are delivered as standard from SAP. You can create custom field references by copying from the standard ones and change the field selection option in the custom field references for the required field selection group.

You can also refer to the Configuration Help of this SSCUI for more information about the SSCUI.

Thanks and Regards,


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