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Modify Reconciliation Account of Customer Master Data

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Hello SAP Experts

There is another question that has answer most of the reconciliation account change on customer master data:

However I need more detail about the steps to be done:

My question is regarding how many times this transaction (F101 / FAGLF101)  have to be run?

According to the note is at the end year

I do not sure if is required to be run monthly (as long there is open items in the past) or just run once

This is because the balance is reversed

Thanks in advance for your help

Steps carry on so far:

Step 1:

SPRO -> FInancial acc New -> Financial Accounting Global Settings (New) -> Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable -> Customer Accounts -> Master Data -> Preparations for Creating Customer Master Data -> Define Screen Layout per Activity (Customers):

There you must change it in accounting AND Centrally

Step 2:

Also, it is necessary that you change the reconciliation Account when the balance on the Reconciliation Account is Zero.

If the Balance is not zero, then also you can change the reconciliation Account. In such a case you need to maintain a Clearing Account in Configuration and then execute the Transaction F101 with the check box "Change Rec Account" under the Parameters TAB in the transaction F101

This transaction will move the balance to the new reconciliation account

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Sorry I have a misconception about this transaction

FAGLF101 is usually used for balance sheet presentation purposes.

For example when you modify the reconciliation account for vendors and customers, you have to customize and run this transaction monthly to show the correction balance for the old and new reconciliation account due you cannot post directly to a reconciliation accoount.

The open item for vendors and customers with the old reconciliation account are detected by this program and posted on adjustment balance accounts as follow

For example there are 10,000 open item within the old reconciliation account.

You need to reclasificate to a new one.

OLD Reconcilition Account                     25,000

OLD Ajustment Reconciliation Account          10,000-  Posted by FAGLF101

NEW Reconcilition Account                     30,000

OLD Ajustment Reconciliation Account          10,000+ Posted by FAGLF101

Then is reversed the next month (you can consider the foreign currency valuation for open item as well).

Program desing is similar to FAGL_FC_VAL

Somo useful keypoint are:

a. No document or transaction are affected

b. No document flow is lost by this reclasification

c. Two reconciliation accounts for old and new reconciliation account must be created

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Fernando,

To make sure, check the OBBU. There's a method should be assigned to account determination and in each method you can define if it is montly, daily, etc...