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Modeling printing plate in SAP PP

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I am currently trying to find the right model for printing plates in SAP PP with the following criteria:

  • Each plate can be used 20,000 - 35,000 times for printing. Our production order size is 10,000. So, it can used in 2-4 production orders.
  • Usage of plate in production order must be able to be tracked. Each plate has its own serial number.
  • Plates are internally produced. Planning for them is based on printing orders, but the planning run must consider remaining usages of existing plates. Let’s say for planning purpose we use 30,000 times as the standard usage.

I am thinking of using batch characteristics to store the usage and use exits during confirmation and MRP run to update and consider it for calculation. I would like to explore other possibilities, especially using standard features as much as possible.

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you wrote: "Plates are internally produced. Planning for them is based on printing orders"

what does that actually mean in detail? are they planned in SAP? Are the plates used as components in a bill of material? are they inventory managed?

If not yet, then you could create a material master for the plate with a unit of measure "usage" and when a plate is produced you post it into inventory with the quantity of usage (e.g. 35000) with each production order you then consume the usage numbers of a plate.

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Hi Jürgen,

Thank you for the response. Yes, they’re not yet in SAP. We have also discussed the possibility of mapping the usage as unit of measure, but the users also want to have inventory data in terms of physical quantities, so they want to have it in PC or EA.