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mobile data entry verification control in WM

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I've defined two profiles for mobile data entry verification control and assign them to corresponding movement types as follows:

1. SAP IMG --> logistics --> mobile data entry --> verification control --> Define profiles

z01 PICK


2. Assign verification profiles to goods movement

Z01 *** 902 601 PICK

Z01 902 *** 0 PUTWY

But when I perform putaway or removal, the system does not ask me to verify the storage bin, what's the reason?

Kindly please advise.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi tt,

I have managed to get this to work in our environment (verifying pick SU not pick bin). The difference between your configuration and mine (assuming you have ticked the verify source bin in 1) is that in our part 2 I have explicitely defined source and desitnation types and movement types for everything, no ***. This means you might make several entries, that is what I did here and it worked.



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