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MNGLG quantity is doubling then MENGE quantity

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Dear Guru's,

we have created a BOM for costing i.e. BOM Application PC01

but for all the part numbers the BOM quantity(MENGE) and Quantity(MNGLG) are same

but only few material codes i am getting both the quantity's are different, so here my concern was why it was happens like this

is there any formula to calculate MNGLG quantity based on UOM or any other thing

please help to understand the calculation



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Answers (1)

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MNGLG Component  quantity field gives the calculated component quantity based on your input required quantity EMENG in CS13.

If the components are maintained in decimal values in BOM It will get rounded off based on Required quantity, This will match with the production order.

To overcome this situation you need to adjust the Base quantity and Component quantity accordingly.