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mmbe and mb52

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what is the difference bwtween mmbe and mb52 - or in other words when do we use these transactions in specific.

Thanks in advance for ur help

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Stock Overview: Company Code/Plant/Storage Location/Batch


The stock overview provides you with an overview of the stocks of a

material at all organizational levels. This distinguishes it from the

Plant Stock and Storage Location Stock views in the material master

which provide an overview of the stocks only at a particular plant or

storage location.

You can access the stock overview from the Material Master screen by

choosing Other -> Stock overview. On the screen that appears, you enter

the relevant material. You can also enter selection criteria to restrict

the overview.

Under List display, you are required to specify a display version. Under

Select display levels, you can restrict the stocks displayed in the

basic list to specific organizational levels.


Basic List

The basic list appears when you choose Execute, and provides an overview

of the stocks at all existing organizational levels according to your

selection criteria. You can navigate from one window to the next in the

stock overview by choosing Right columns or Left columns accordingly.

Breakdown List

If you want to display only the stocks at a particular organizational

level, position the cursor on the appropriate line in the basic list and

choose Breakdown next level. The breakdown list appears. It provides an

overview of the stocks at the organizational level selected and at the

next level down according to your database selection criteria.


In either of these lists, you can display the following details by

positioning the cursor on an organizational level or stock type and

choosing Choose:

o Stock at a particular organizational level


You want to display all existing stocks in plant 0001. You can do

this in either the basic list or breakdown list by positioning the

cursor on the stock line for plant 0001 and choosing Choose. A

dialog box appears in which the stock quantities are listed by stock

type for plant 0001.

o Details on a stock type


You want to display all the vendors for a consignment material. You

can do this in either the basic list or breakdown list by

positioning the cursor on the Vendor consignment line and choosing

Choose. A dialog box appears in which the individual consignment

stocks of the material are listed by vendor.

Displaying the Batch Classification

On the stock lines from batch level downwards, you can display the

classification for the respective batch by positioning the cursor on the

appropriate stock line and choosing Extras -> Batch classification.

Displaying Stocks in Alternative Units of Measure

You can display the stocks of the material in an alternative unit of

measure by entering the unit in the Unit of measure field in the stock

overview header and choosing New selection. You can display the

alternative units of measure that have been defined for the material by

choosing Extras -> Units allowed.

Switching to a Different Material

From the stock overview, you can display an overview for another

material by entering the material concerned in the Material field in the

stock overview header and choosing New selection.


Reporting in Inventory Management


To simplify your day-to-day work with the Inventory Management component, there are a range of functions and reports that provide extensive information on all materials with their stock data.

This section provides an overview of the reporting function in Inventory Management. For more information, refer to the documentation on each function or the relevant report documentation.


Environment Menu

List displays

This provides reports for documents posted in Inventory Management. Example: material documents for a material.


This provides information on a material’s stocks. Example: current stock/requirements list.

The stock overview provides an overview of all stocks of a material over all organizational levels (see also Plant/Storage Location Stocks).


This allows you to display data (master data, transaction/movement data) from other applications. Example: displaying a purchase order.

Balances display

This provides reports on the GR/IR clearing account.


You can use this to display all information on consignment stocks. Example: displaying vendor consignment stocks.

Batch where-used list

This provides all the functions on the Batch Where-used List.

Batch search strategy

You use this to define the strategies for Batch Determination.

Inventory Controlling

You can also analyze and evaluate material stocks using Inventory Controlling. For more information, refer to the LO – Logistics Information System component.

Periodic Processing Menu

List of stock values

This report is used to display the total stock quantity and the total stock value for a material at plant and storage location level.

Consistency check

You can use this to check the consistency of your stocks at company code level, valuation area level, and material level.

Managing held data

When you enter a goods receipt, this function allows you to display and delete data that you have held for further processing but not yet posted.

Analysis of rounding differences

This function allows you to analyze rounding differences that resulted from conversion between units of entry and base units. This applies when you work with a material with metric and non-metric units of measurement, for example.


For the reports that work with the ABAP List Viewer, you can configure the output list as you require to display and evaluate further data. To extend the current display variant (basic list) or choose another existing display variant, choose Settings ® Display variant. You can also create your own display variants and choose them on the initial screen. For more information on the ABAP List Viewer, see the ABAP List Viewer component.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Is it solved?

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yes thank you

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Hello Ana,

A very important difference between MB52 and MMBE that in MB52 you can get stock report (even excel friendly report if you switch into ALV) for several material number at the same time while in MMBE you can check only one one of them (only one material).

In MMBE you can't e.g. see blocked stock but from menu you can very easily reach MD04, MB51, etc



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Just to correct one thing, In MMBE you can see blocked stock. There are several display variants given by SAP. (See field in selection screen) Further you can customize own display variants. By clicking a stock line in MMBE you get a pop-up that displays all quantities per stock type at this one line.