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MM-WM Stock dedicated to specific users



I have a specific request regarding stocks.

The requirement is to have a stock that would be always available for specific users but can never be used by others.
The reason is that the stock is used for emergency response.
Do you please know what would be the best way to do that in MM/WM ?

Thanks for kind help

best regards

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Hello Morgan,

How about reservations ? You could pre-book these materials and then release them when they are consumed.

Service 1 would only see in their ATP view the remaining stock.

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Hello Quentin,

thank you for your proposal.
This is the idea I was thinking as being the best.
Our services use PM Orders and the service that have the emergency agree to do the same.
They creat a PM Task in a PM order and book the material for one operation in that PM order.
By default, the reservation is not "confirmed".
I did the following checks :

- perform a manual ATP Check in the PM order, result : the Available quantity is confirmed by the ATP and the reserved quantity is marked as "qauntity confirmed"

- withdraw the confirmed quantity for an other purpose : unfortunately, the systems allowed it.

MAybe my question now, to continue in that way would be :

- is there a way to customize the system so that it does not allow to withdraw the quantity that as been confirmed for another need ?

- if it is possible, what are the different cuztomizing to consider and is it possible to choose what kind of message system output aat each stage of an outbound process ? (like choosing between warning and error message when trying creating the outbound delivery for a quantity that is already confirmed for another reservation ) ?

Thank you for kind help

Best Regards

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I am sorry I missed the notification. Could you make it work?