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(MM-SRV) Tax code determination in an external Service PO

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Hello there,

Question: How to automaticaly determine the tax code for a service PO generated externally?

We don't want to edit the document.

Even if we try to edit the service PO the system shows this error message:

BBP purchase order cannot be changed (Display only)

You wish to change a purchase order that was created in the BBP system.

The purchase order was transmitted to the standard system so that the goods receipt and invoice could be posted.

A purchase order created in the BBP system has the value K - Purchase Order from BBP in field EKKO-STATU.

Addtitional Info:

  • It has to be automatically determined.

  • This is a one time service: no service master data.

  • We need tax code at PO item level (not service item level).

Thanks in advanced.

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Answers (2)

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In order to ensure that the tax indicator is transferred to the purchase order and that the tax amount is calculated correctly, you should make the following settings:

1. Condition class: 'D' (Taxes)

2.Calculation rule: 'B' (Fixed amount)

3.Condition category: 'D' (Tax) or 'N' (Non-deductible input tax)

4.Scale type: ' ' (must remain empty, this means 'can be maintained in condition record')

In addition, take into account that you have to set the tax record which is assigned to a tax indicator in purchasing in FI Customizing (transaction FTXP).

Please Refer the below link for more clarity...

Hope it helps you....



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First of all I tried to use an info record but it wasn't possible because using only the material group the info record number wasn't automatically filed.

The best solution to me was the [Condition Technique|] using NAVS.

By default the condition type NAVS doesn't have an access sequence. If you determine the access sequence 003 you can maintain info records using the transaction code MEK1. After select a key combination like Plant, Account Assignment, Origin and Region is possible to inform the tax code to be used.

If this condition type appears in the conditions at item level in the PO, the Tax Code informed in the condition record will be determined.

Thanks everybody

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Best way is to maintain your service tax code at the time of making entry sheet through tcode ML81N.