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mm scale

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what is scale in mm?

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Scale or Scaling used in MM,when price of a material varies with respect to TOTAL Value and TOTAL Quantity of that material.

Generally you can go for Value Scale and Quantity Scale for material procurement!

Scale can be maintaion in Inforecord in t.code:ME11/ME12 and click Condition TAB and in that you can see the

Scales Tab,click and maintain the scale.Also you can maintaion scaling in "CONTRACT" also.

For Example:


(can see material price reduce as "total purchase quantities" increase)

If you purchase 1000 quantities of material ,the price is Rs.10/- per quantity &

If you purchase 1000- 10000 quantities of material ,the price is Rs.9.50 per quantity

But if you purchase more than 10000 quantities of material ,the price is Rs.8.50 per quantity


(can see material price reduce as "total purchase price" increase)

If you purchase  purcahse material of value Rs.1,00,000/-,the price is Rs.50 per quantity

If you purchase  purchase material of value Rs.10,00,000/-,the price is Rs.49 per quantity

ButiIf you purchase  purchase material of value Rs.50,00,000/-,the price is Rs.45 per quantity

Refer links for details:


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scale is conditional pricing based of qty , value , volume , weight ... as mentioned in Sandip's post.

i'll just add an example to clarify qty scale. I get discounts on particular purchase

10%  upto    100 kg

  15%  upto     200 kg


25%  over 200 kg purchase

this kind of pricing are managed by activating qty scale for discount condition

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A scale in a condition record where prices, discounts, or surcharges are defined for different order quantities or values. This scale is used by the system to determine the price, discount or surcharge for a given quantity or value.

There are different types of scales in MM like

1 - Value scale

2 - Quantity scale

3 - Gross weight scale

4 - Volume scale etc..