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MM role in Account determination

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What are major MM consultant roles in account determination.??

Explain in detail...?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi MM Group,

SAP MM Role in Account Determination :

This account determination is for MM settings u2013 Rajgeetha

Account determination is based for combination of valuation grouping code, general modifier/account modifier, valuation class in SAP MM.

This will be defined for particular transaction event key. Transaction event key will inturn be defined for each movement type of SAP MM.

Basically GL account are assigned for certain combination of above.

To put down in flowchart format-

- Movement type-

- Transaction event key

- GL account determination (one debit and one credit)- based on below combination

- Valuation grouping code (see definition below)

- Account modifier (see definition below)

- Valuation class (see definition below)

SAP will see transaction is made in MM, it searches the transaction event key from movement types. Based on valuation grouping code, account modifier and valuation class, determination will be done for GL account for debit and credit.

Some definitions and assignments

1) SAP MM Valuation grouping code: It is maintained as part of plant configuration same for all plants within company code having same chart of account.

This will be applicable only if valuation control is active for organization

2) SAP MM Account modifier: This is defined in each movement type. There may be more than one account modifier per movement type based on combinations of different special stock, movement indicator, consumption type.

3) SAP MM valuation class: This is maintained in material master. Material type is taken from material master. Account category reference is taken from material type which in turn is assigned to valuation class. GL account are assigned to valuation class


Material 1016101 is received in stock for plant SEPC by movement 101 in SAP MM.

1) Valuation class determination from material master of 1016101.

2) Valuation grouping code determination based on plant SEPC

3) Account modifier will be taken from movement type 101

4) Transaction event key will be always BSX for inventory posting. (that is programmed) and also defined in movement type

5) In account assignment, for combination of above GL account determination as we saw in above hierarchy.

Hope, it is useful for you,



Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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During GR- its based on ur mat master val class Vs. OBYC settting .. and ref the blw link abt the a/c determination process

G/L Accounts in MM Account Determination

The program RM07C030 check all the G/L account define in your Material Master valuation class.

Search is via Company code and Valuation area.

Compare fields status for movement types against General Ledger

Use SA38 then run RM07CUFA


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Need to undertsnd the concept of Account Determination as in SAP every movement of goods is followed by one movement type and movement type trigged transaction event keys. G/L account assignment and G/L account assigned to transaction event key (OBYC). Need to know G/L account details for transactions, Chart of Account, which Valuation Class, Transaction Event Key, Valuation Grouping Code and Account Grouping Code/Account Modifier respectly.

For Account Determination 5 major characteru2019s are as Chart of Account, Valuation Class, Transaction Event Key, Valuation Grouping Code and .Account Grouping Code/Account Modifier. And can be activated in following T.Codes for FI-MM Integration

1.OMSK: valuation Class with Account category reference,

2.OMWM: Active Valuation Grouping Code,

3.OMWN: Active Movement type with G/L account,

4.OMWD: Active Valuation Area,

5.OMWB: Active Chart of account,Valuation Grouping Code,Account Grouping Code,Valuation Class and G/L accounts

For more check the links:


Biju K

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OBYC -- A well known MM-FI Integration, Transaction.

Here you define Automatic Postings upon Goods Movements.

These postings are.......

Check this link:

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Valuation Grp code for company code : OMWD

Assign valuation category ref. to valuation class & Material type to acount category ref. : OMWB

Which the G/L account list received from FI team. very & maintain in OBYC.

For BSX, WRX, GBB, other clearing account, Tax account..