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MM Pricing

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Hi all is there any documentation available related to MM Pricing ?

Pls send the links

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Following steps for pricing procedure as,

1. Define conditions.

2. Define pricing procedure.

3. Define virtual purchase organization and vendor.

4. Info Record.

Customization for Pricing Procedure :

1. Definition of Conditions :

/NMEK0-condition typeu2026condition types- definition (define for basic price, net price, discount, surcharge, tax etc.)

2. Defining pricing procedure :

/NMEK0- calculation schema-calculation schemasu2014New entries (Define procedure and put the conditions like formula so that final price will be net price / total value as per company requirement)

3. Linking pricing procedure to independent condition types.

/NMEK0-condition typeu2026condition types- definition for position for defined conditions (Enter the defined pricing procedure in the each independent conditions u201CPricing Procedureu201D box)

4. Defining Schema group for Vendor :

/NMEK0- calculation schema-schema groupsu2014vendoru2014New Entries.

5. Defining Schema group for Purchase Organization--- New entries.

/NMEK0- calculation schema- schema groups---- purchasing organization--- new entries.

6. Linking Virtual Purchase Organization to actual Purchase Organization.

/NMEK0- calculation schema- schema groups----- Assign P.Org. (in actual P.Org, enter virtual P.Org)

7. Linking Pricing procedure to virtual P.Org and virtual vendor :

/NMEK0- calculation schema- Determine Schema--- -Standard --- New entries (Enter virtual schema and P.Org. along with pricing procedure)

8. Linking virtual vendor to actual vendor-- /NXK02 then enter schema group vendor in Purchasing Data )

go this link

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