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MM-FI integration:

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what is the trgging point for MM FI Configuration?

Moderator: The first triggering point is to search before posting

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Answers (4)

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MM – FI Integration:

1) Material -> Material type .Account category reference -> Valuation Class -> G/L account.

2) Automatic Account determination:



c) OMSK: Account category Reference + Valuation class + Material Type

d) OBYC: Movement Type + Valuation Class + G/L account

3) GR =PO: 101: BSX – Dr., WRX: Cr.

4) GR # PO: 521: BSX – Dr. GBB – ZOB – Cr.

5) Initial Stock Entry: 561: BSX – Dr. GBB: BSA – Dr.

6) Physical Entry While Posting: MI07: BSX – Dr. GBB – INV: Cr.

7) Consignment and Pipeline: 201K, P, BSX – Dr. KON – Cr.

😎 Goods Issue: MB1A: 201: BSX – Dr., GBB –VBR – Cr.

9) MIRO: Vendor A/C: Cr, GR/IR Clearing A/C: Dr.

10) Vendor Payment: Vendor A/C: Dr, Bank Clearing A/C: Cr.

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It is very easy to understand Fi-MM intergration the below details may help you to understand very easily..

FI-MM: The integration between FI-MM happens in T-code OBYC.

1. When PO is created :


No Entry -

2. When GR is posted

Inventory Account dr (Transaction Key BSX in OBYC)

To GRIR account (T.Key WRX in T-code OBYC)

3. When Invoice is posted

GRIR account Dr.

Vendor account Cr.

4. Payment made to Vendor

Vendor A/c Dr

To Bank Clearing A/c Cr.

Points to know : Movement Types, Assignment of Movement types to T-keys (T-code OMJJ), Value string (I also need some information on this) , OMWN and OMWB transactions.


There is a close integration b/w FI & MM, actually document flows from MM to FI in the following areas such as,

1. Movement Types:

Used to enable the system to find the predefined posting rules determining how the accounts of financial accounting system are to be posted & to update the stock fields in the matrl master data.(Goods Receipt, Goods Issue, etc)

2. Valuation Class:

Assignment of material to grp of gl account, used to determine the gl accounts that are updated as a result of goods movement.

3. Transaction/Event key:

Used to control the storage or filing of documents & assignment of documents.Used to differeniate b/w various transactions such as goods movement tht occur in inventory.

4. Material Type:

Each material should assign mtrl type in mtrl master record used to update whether changes made in qty are updated in material master record & change in value also updated in stock account.



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Hi Vissu,

FI-MM trigger point is T.code OBYC.

I will give you overview. Actually when MM people doing there Purchase cycle. In PR & PO there is no accounting document will generate but at the time of MIGO & MIRO accounting document will generate. For that purpose we have to assign GL a/cs in transaction keys and transaction keys are :

In MIGO A/Cing doc's will be Transaction keys

Raw material/Inventory A/C Dr..........XXX BSX

To GR/IR A/C.......................................XXX WRX

In MIRO A/Cing doc's will be

GR/IR A/C Dr.......................XXX WRX

To Vendor A/C.....................XXX (picks frm Accounts payable n PO)

With Regards,


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thanks for your respnse..

But Apart from OBYC is there any tcode , which we may know for MM FI intergration

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OBL1, which helps to know the complete configuration of OBYC settings..

Input COA & Comp Code -> execute then select RMA


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But Apart from OBYC is there any tcode , which we may know for MM FI intergration

Apart from OBYC, Concentrate on OMJJ w.r.t Mvt. types, OB52 FI periods which may stop Stock posting.

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