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MM Certification

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Hi Gurus,

I am planning to take MM certification. Can you please send me the MM Certification Questions and answers..

<b><u>Points for good material</u></b>.

Thanks in advance.

Kumar IT


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Answers (3)

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Thanks for the Info..!!

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I am going for MM certification too.I need any advice and material.

My e-mail:


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Here is a link to check dates of certification: -> type in tacert

To find out more about certification test types offered:

- Click on "SAP Consultant Certification"

- Select your relevant certification area

To register:

- Select Registration

- Schedule of test only

To check out SAP Educational terms and conditions:

Quick course search:

Authorized Training Centers:

The exam:

1) The examination questions are grouped together on topic-wise and evaluated accordingly. You can see at the beginning of the first book some plus marks against each topic. So don't treat the questions as 57 right answers out of 80. For example from "solution manager" two or three questions will be there but it is a topic i.e. if you answer all the questions out of it you will get 100% in that topic. All the topics are evaluated separately and the overall is taken as the final result. Check with your tutor or someone for more awareness.

2) Decimal marks will be there and marks will be given proportionately for the questions you attend. No negative marks.

3) For single answer type, there will be only radio buttons so that you can select only one.

4) For multiple answer (where more than one answer is correct) type, against each statement (answer) there will be two buttons for true and false so that you can (have to) select one.